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RE:The wierdest thing ....

Well, this is semy weird. It happened about 15 to 20 years ago. I was drifting the St. Lawrence river with a friend in his boat with <gasp... choke> spinner packs! We were drifting at a good clip with the current when my friend gets a nice smallmouth on. I retrieved my line and let the spinner pack and garden hackle just dangle barely above the water, and grabbed the video camera. As I'm shooting video, I can see his bass clearly in the water and a couple of other smallies following the hooked fish (always wondered why the do that). In any case, as the fish approach the boat I see through the viewfinder that a rather large trailer turns around in the current... the next thing the video image catches is the splash my spin outfit makes as it dissapears in the turbulent St. Lawrence waters after having the spinner pack and worm snatched by the marauding smallie. I think that is the last time I spin fished in my life 8^)
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