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The Moral of the Story.....

ALWAYS, ALWAYS use fresh epoxies, glues and solvents - much of it has a "shelf life", especially if they have been opened previously!

As for the rod, I would have to see it to say if it's salvageable. (I would HOPE so - depends on how much heat it saw). One easy experiment - remember how you tested for "spine"? Well, retest it. The spine shouldn't have changed, and the flex should be a uniform curve with no weak spots or flat spots.

Try putting some line on, and attach to a chair or other weight. Check the curve of the rod under load, as well. That will tell you more than any conjecture here on the web site.

I hope it is OK - you should have stopped, and used the appropriate solvent, removed the guide, clean it and the rod, polishing if required, and start over - this time using FRESH coating material.

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