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RE:The wierdest thing ....

Well, this was mildly strange.

I was heading to the cape to stay at grandmas house on Bass River. The year was '93 or '94. I decided I might try some SWFF and mentioned it to my neighbor. Knowing I had no heavy weight rods he said "here...take my 9 wt. See how you like it". Since the stripers had been gone for so many years I decided it was a long shot to actually fish in the river. Yet I decided what the heck I will get in the rowboat, row across and do some wading and casting into the channel by this bridge (Highbank Rd.) I actually thought that if anybody saw me fishing there that they would think me a fool since the river had been dead for so long. I was basically feelin a bit foolish. I pictured folks looking with binoculars from their patios saying" hey Martha.. get a load of this idiot..doesn't he know there's nothin in here?"
Anyway,I had a little bit of a row to do so I figured what the heck, might as well troll the streamer behind the boat
just in case. Now I really felt stupid to fish. I let out some line, loosely set the rod down on the seat beside me, and rowed on. All of a sudden, the line goes tight, and the rod starts bouncing down the boat, clunk! clink! slam.. and went up and over the transom heading for sinkville. I drop the oars and dove just catching the end of the grip. I stood up and started fighting what turned out to be a 20" striper. God was I surprised. I stumbled onto this reborn fishery with, of course, a white deceiver. The rub is this: I go back every year about 3 times and I have not been able to be more productive than this method: rowing and trolling white deceivers. Nothing beats it. I've tried everything in my bag of tricks to date. Last year I tried with a motor boat and it seemd to put them down completely. It's as if the fish gods say: "ahem you're not rowing and trolling white fish for you 1 week"
Maybe this year with a QD (quick decent) sink tip line and some crab patterns. I dunno.
So basically I stumbled onto it, and can not do ONE THING to improve it. It is a gift and stays exactly how it was given to me.
Some days I can crank in up to a dozen nice schoolies in an hour. 22" is the biggest so far.
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