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Flyfisha1,that's a real cannon you've built yourself there!I'm also a big fan of the IMX blanks.Real powerhouse tapers with a lively feel to them.

Between rodbuilding and EBay,I won't ever buy at full price again(not when you can have the same thing for 1/2 price).

I absolutely love the number and quality of different components available to a custom rodbuilder.

Saw some new Venneri seats that just blew me away.I plan on getting one or two for my next rods.

I just got a Bellinger ULSB Amboyna Burl seat the other day for a little 3wt Diamondback Classic I will be starting soon.This seat is so amazingly impressive that I end up staring in awe at it ever time I pick it up.Best of all,I didn't pay any more than I would for your standard Struble seat thanks to a great deal from Dan Craft.

Ya gotta love rodbuilding!
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