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New Brunswick/Labrador - Atlantic Salmon

I always dreamed of fishing the Miramichi and other costal rivers in the region for Atlantic salmon. I might plan a trip there with my dad, uncle and cousin in a year or so and was looking for information and websites regarding this.

Anyone from this neck of the woods or happen to have any information. What about lodging and travel, any airports within the area. Any local towns or hospitals?

Also, what should I expect "river-wise" in this area. Are there many rivers that harbor Atlantics, or just a select few. What about private rivers and seasons? Are some rivers only allowed a certain number of rods per week, year, etc? Is the land owned by individuals, are certain beats private?

What time of year is best, within the season? I know atlantics spawn in the fall, but is this the best time to target them, or would summer be better and more worthwhile? What about spring grilse, I heard about this angling for "blackies" before?

Ahhhh......yesss, what to take spey wise? Long bellied lines, adapter shooting heads, sink tips....what works best. I will have a 14' 9wt "euro" rod, and a 13' 2" 9wt "euro" or possibly a 12'4" 8wt "euro", as well as a 12'6" 7wt traditional....are these alright to try my hands with a spey? Fly selection? I know if I go during summer, I want to try my hands with drys? Otherwise, what works well....

Lastly, are there any brook trout streams by ones hosting landlock salmon?

Please offer any advice possible! By the way, please don't tell me if I don't have a Barbour overcoat, one of those english chap hats, and a pipe I won't fit in.....LOL I don't want to have to go spend my wallet to look like I know what I am doing.....not that it matters!
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