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GL Skamania Mania

Hey, any of you guys fish for skams in the summer? Anyways, maybe we can get together and do some fishing for these chromers this summer? MJYP and Hal, you guys must be close to the tribs that get skams, I would think? We could possibly meet up somewhere and go from there. Usually, because of beach temperatures, precipitation and winds, you must target the run perfectly. Last year, I planned a trip after I did some of my own homework on the beach temps and surface water temps, along with the winds and am I glad I knew what I was doing....the beach temps dropped to 50 deg after it was 70 the week before. The easternly wind had caused a thermocline close to the shore, and an upwelling of colder offshore water....perfect!

I had a blast last year on the pier along St. Joe, but as hard as I tried I could not get one on a fly. I'll tell ya, we didn't anticipate fishing the pier and luckily we got some alewives from a gentleman who had a cast net. These guys told us the best spots on the pier and my buddy and I were the only ones catching fish that day, with an exception of a small amount of others. The pier was crazy with people. Anyways, we used flyfishing floats on spinning rods and our flyrods set 8' down with a half of alewife. Worked awesome.

Well here is a fly I plan on using this summer for these beasts. I call it Dan's Skamania Mania!
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