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RE:Bucktail tying problem

Sully wrote:

> Doug,
> Try this recipe. And like that guy on the cooking show,
> add some BAMM!
> I hope this link isn't a problem.

<b>Not a problem,</b> your reference adds valuable knowledge from a great personality in the coastal flyfishing scene... I always walk over to Page to say hello whenever I see her. I'm sure she'll be at Wilmington. Maybe she'd be interested in making a guest appearance for us sometime.

Actually, I do have one request... if you'd put the link between the <font color="ff0000">[<!--no-->url=&lt;url&gt;;<!--no-->]</font><!--color--> and the <font color="ff0000">[<!--no-->/url<!--no-->]</font><!--color--> then I wouldn't have to type it!
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