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RE:Bucktail tying problem

Doug- Steve makes a good point about tying all the bucktail on the gape side of the hook . This allows for more flexibility in the size of the eyes used because the wing will help turn the fly over. Here's a suggestion that I use when tying with the "one-sided" wing. After you tie in the eyes tie in some body material behind the eyes(bend-side) and make several wraps back to the eyes and figurre-8 over the eyes securing the body just in front of the eyes. Then turn the fly over and add the wing. The body (maybe flash, chenille, yarn,etc.) helps hold the eyes in place especially if you add it while the super glue is still wet, and you are addding super glue to the wraps around the eyes. I found this after having several clousers turn their heads after a few casts. This is why many tiers put the white belly over the bar of the eyes- added security to keep the eyes from twisting. ronl
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