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RE:Bucktail tying problem

I like the way you guys are self-moderating....Way to go. Regarding the clouser, I was taught like Jim to make looser and looser wraps as you move away from the eye and really crank down only in the last few wraps approaching it. The loose wraps, larger in diameter, tame the hair without crimping the straw-like fibers. The tight ones hold it in place and compact the head in the front. The resulting conical shape is a bit more fishy in profile. Caveat: if you don't really tighten down early enough, some of the hair will pull out. Using Danville flat wax is important.

I'm certainly no authority, but I find the body determines how the top should look, so, Steve, I prefer to tie the "underside" only after tying down the part that goes over the eyes. Guess it's just how I interpret the pattern. I'll have to try it the other way.... I should hurry. The season is near. I can taste it!!
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