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RE:Bucktail tying problem

I know what you mean about the flairing problem, been there. The finer softer fibers don't flair out as easily. One thing about natural materials is the inconsistency (not all deer are created equal). If you find a particular color or texture in a shop, buy it, you may have to search to find it again. I recently learned to spin deer hair and it seems the body hair is preferred for this purpose since it is hollow and flairs easily. The bucktail at the end of the tail does seem to be the longest, thinest and softest and does not frizz like the body hair but technique certainly plays a part in the finished product. I am certainly no pro but I have learned a couple of things that you may find helpful. Add the material in layers rather than tying on a clump the size of a pencil in one wrap. Make a few loose wraps starting at the point you want the bucktail secured working towards the butt of the hair, increase the tension on the thread tightenig your wraps as you work your way forward to the butt. It's important that the material be secured and tight wraps will make the fly last longer but if you make your wraps too tight where the material sweeps back it will flair.
Hope this helps.
Juro, thanks for the compliment. Can't wait to see the other creations in the fly swap.
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