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RE:Bucktail tying problem

Knowing you both I know that Steve just meant to make a funny metaphor (which is how I took it) and Doug's a quality guy who sincerely appreciates the help guys like Steve offer.

The important thing is that this Forum is no more Juro's than it is Doug's or Steve's or anyone elses. In fact the intent is that this place is a co-op, first in terms of a BB; then in member articles and the Guild; finally in real world activities and payback for members once we get linked up with sponsors.

What if we raised enough through sponsored activities to fund a contest where the prize is transportation and lodging for four days on Andros Island in mid-winter for a fisherperson and his/her spouse? Lofty goal, but that's exactly where I hope this forum ends up.

Oh 'dem sHaCk nAsTieS - the fever's about to break, I can feel it in the air...
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