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RE:Bucktail tying problem

Mr. Moore,

No biggie...I'm glad I didn't shoot my mouth of and get a flamefest going on Juro's board!

If a friend had replied as you would have gotten a laugh out of me. Not knowing you and the fact that I was looking for a little assistance....well...I was having a miserable day at work...the boss had just pi**ed me off...then I saw your reply.....grrrrumble...mmmumble...
FWIW....there was an article in the May '99 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine by Tom Earnhardt with a step-by-step "how to tie an original clouser" the end it mentioned that Mr. Clouser ties all on bottom when using synthetics. The article did show the fly being turned over...but who am I to argue.....I've only tied about 10 flies total...8 being clouser types. won't be scanning any too soon!

I also believe that the info can be found on

Doug Burgess
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