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RE:Bucktail tying problem

Sorry for my earlier sarcasm. The answer to your question is actually that you are not tying the clouser minnow correctly. If you are using a commercially tied fly for a model, then you have been misled as to what a clouser is supposed to look like. All the bucktail should be tied on the same side of the hook shank. and actually should be about a 40 degree angle from the shank. If you are like most people you tie the eye on first, then tie in a clump of white bucktail on the top of the shank and over the figure 8 wraps holding the eye on. Then you flip it over and tie the other color bucktail on the opposite side, right? WRONG! The proper way to do it is to tie the eye on. Then flip the hook over and tie the white bucktail in so the hook point is covered by the bucktail. The tie in your crystal flash on top of the white and then the other color on top of that. This produces a much better fly and is easier to tie (IMHO). I also believe this is the way Bob Clouser designed the fly originally.

The other comments about choosing softer bucktail,not wrapping as tightly are valid as well.
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