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Red Tail Hawk

Wet streamer type; plenty of flowing action in tail and wing; can be strip retrieved, fished 'injured', dead-drifted.

Hook: Varivas 973 Streamer #6. This ties nicely in almost any wet size; I chose the #6 for reasonable perspective.
Thread: Uni-Thread 3/0 Tan (choice of tan or brown works; can use down to 8/0 depending on hook size and amount of dressing.
Tail: Fox Squirrel tail. Golden Pheasant tippets can be added.
Body: Light colored dubbing, your choice.
Throat: Natural brown bucktail tips.
Wing: Fox Squirrel Tail.

Notes: I didn't rib this body with fine oval gold tinsel, but it adds a nice touch. GP tippets aren't really necessary in tail or throat. Again, nice touch, if you choose. Also, when using Fox Squirrel tail - you're removing hair with underfur, close to tailbone. Save the underfur to pinch-dub bodies in any size.

Wind thread on above hook point, then back to barb. Bind small number hair fibers to top, above barb, with two or three turns of thread. At this point decide whether to use ribbing; if so, tie ribbing in pointing in direction you will wind it on to the body. Back thread up < the same number of turns.

Pinch dub body material to thread and wind to one or two eyelengths behind eye, let bobbin lie and wind ribbing on, or knot body off if no ribbing used. Apply throat using small bunch brown bucktail tips, taken from end of tail; eyeball length to take at between 1/2-3/4" (for this size dressing.) These tips, fine and soft, yet dense, not hollow and large in diameter, make a nice soft throat which gives body profile at the same time. do not mount too much material; the pattern doesn't allow for it.

Take some Fox Squirrel tail fibers - about the thickness of a pencil lead - position and lightly bind them at the body's shoulder, above the throat mount. Splay (widen or expand) their tip profile over the top and snug down, knotting off with one or two half-hitches. Add a bit more if necessary, positioning to fill where gaps might exist. Wing-tips should end at about mid-point over tail. Taper wind, knot and finish head.

A Red Tail Hawk is one of the largest birds of prey. When on the wing, it's tail feathers reflect a rufous, or reddish cast. Many of it's mottled colored cream and brown or solid color body feathers are barred. The purpose of using Fox Squirrel or including GP tippets in this pattern is to incorporate the 'red' hair color, as well as the barring in both materials; thus the name.

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