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As a professionnal fly tyer and someone who has been fly tying for 41 years, I would never recommend anyone buy a fly tying kit ever. NOw that you have gotten over the shock of that statement, let me tell you why.

First, the vises, bobbins, scissors, etc. included in the average tying kit are nor worth the room they take up. They are very inferior quality that will cause far more headaches than they every solve.

Second, they always include material that you don't need or very rarely need.

Third, the materials that are included are a hoge-poge of things that have no real rhime or reason to them.

Fourth, you are better off spending between $100.00 and $150.00 for a good vise, scissors, hackle pliers, and bobbin that will actually help you tie flies rather than hinder your, like the cheap stuff does.

This said, the best thing to do is get a Griffin 2A vise (about $40.00) or a Thompson Pro or Model A vise (about $40.00) if price is an important consideration, good scissors run around $20.00, a good bobbin around $12.00 (except for my favorite bobbin the S&M that is about $6.00 if you can find one in your area), a bodkin is a bodkin and they sell for about $2.00, a decent hackle plier is about $6.00.

After getting the tools, buy some hooks in 25 packs of the sizes you use most. Get several spools of good, fine thread, Danville's Flymaster or Uni 8/0 about 4 colors worth. Then buy the materials needed to tie one particular fly pattern (make it one that you use regularly).

This way you never buy stuff you will never need, and you will never get poor quality inferior material or tools. And you enjoyment of tying will be much better.

Always keep in mind, that poor quality, cheap tools, especially vises, work against you and not with you. Cheap vises slip, and never really hold a hook well.

The Dennis book is a good book, but you can learn a whole lot more about tying from a beginning fly tying video than you can ever get from a book when starting out.
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