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Re: shallow water

Originally posted by Randall 1
Thanks for the info.. I had no idea skinny water sailors had a warriors code. The "Green Machine" they are not....Randall
Funny, when I first took on the challenge of 'shallow water' in the late Sixties, little did I know just how close to terra firma or imminent danger I really was. All I/we had to know was the bottom was somewhere around walking distance, between a mile and five or six - straight down, and "Semper Paratus" was augmented by a daily reminder - "you have to go out; you don't have to come back."

Please excuse my ignorance in terms of "Green Machine", being older and somewhat less culturally diverse than others; perhaps I'm unable to exercise 'critical thinking' in determining your meaning. As an aside, I fly more than one branches' ensign on my flagpole; I hold more than one Honorable Discharge.

Perhaps I know just a little more than that which is alluded to here.

Nick - I forgive your gaffe'

Potentate: was that a gentle enough response???

Semper Paratus

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