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I like the Lefty/ Sosin book. Have spent many a night sitting on the couch, drinking beer, shoes off, hooking the loop around my big toe & tying biminis with 10, 20 & 30# mono.

It's all a matter of practice. Capt. Pete Sheppard of Key West & Nantucket showed me how he ties them using the handle of a rod in a vertical holder... in about a minute!!

Palomar 100% for leader to fly, lure, plug

albright or double surgeons for line to line

for my super braids on my spin rods I use and offshore knot to make a loop and albright the loop to my fluoro leader.

Need to start practicing again for this season.

Maybe I'll perfect hog tying the new dog with 100# braided wire and see how long it takese her to eat her way through - that's a great test to see how ashark would do
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