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Roop, I will try and address a bit about leaders, and IGFA. First: if your interested in IGFA, No chumming allowed. No help in fighting, or landing a fish. if any part of the rod or line hits the boat you are disqualified, and above all you cannot shoot a fish. If the truth be known almost all of the records would be disqualified.
Second: Some of the following pertains to IGFA leaders. Class tippet must be of nonmetalic material, and be connected directly to the fly or to the shock tippet. The class tippet must be 15" long between knots. A shock tippet must not exceed 12" in length and may be added to the class tippet, and added to the lure, and maybe made of any material with no limit of breaking strength.The shock tippet length is measured from the eye of the hook to the single strand of the class tippet, and include any knots used to connect theshock tippet to the class tippet.

Roop I checked with my son tonight what he uses is a tapered leader the length of the rod with a 20 lb class tippet, and 80 to 100 lb test single strand wire for the shock tippet. Whatever you do keep a weak link before you get to your line, that way you won't lose everything. Most flylines test under 40 lbs. Experience,do not use anything under 12 weight, even that is too light.14, or 15 weight is better. Lets try to keep Bluewater Extreme going. The chum fly works pretty good. Do not retrieve, drift the fly to the fish do not cast near it scares them.
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