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Hey Kush--broken tubes

Since Kush has posted as many tube flies as anyone else I'll direct but not limit this post to him. Believe me if anyone has some advice, please help me.

The problem is the tube bodies keep breaking about 3/4 of the way up on the fly after just a short time of use. The first time or two I just shrugged it off but it has become a regular occurence. The tube stock is cut to 1 1/8 inch long, is 1/8 inch O.D., white in color, and purchased at the local hobby shop, the stuff they use on their model trains. This was my source since I really wanted to avoid the high price in the flyshop if I could help it but 10 minutes use of a 30 minute tie is no bargain either.

If this has happened to anyone and you found a cure, please post it because I'm about to swear off tube flies.


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