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Fly Tying Kits?

I have never before done any fly tying and am looking to purchase a fly tying kit to get started. I do mostly trout fishing on streams and creeks. Could anyone recommend a good fly tying kit to get started? I have found two kits that I am considering. They are the Deluxe Fly Tying Kit offered by Cabelas and Umpqua's beginning Kit. The details for these kits are as follows:

- The Deluxe Fly-Tying Kit (Cabelas) comes with Jack Dennis' "Western Trout Fly-Tying Manual" Vol. 1 and a two-hour fly-tying basics video.
Kit includes:
Master fly-tying vise; bobbin; hackle pliers; whip finisher; scissors; booklet; two complete rooster necks (brown and black); peacock herl; two gray duck quills; two white duck quills; three bucktail pieces (red, white and yellow); deer body patch; wax; spool of thread; 1-oz. fly-head cement; 100 assorted fly-tying hooks; saddle hackle (red and yellow); grizzly hackle; hare's mask; marabou (white and black); copper wire; gold and silver tinsel; muskrat piece; beaver piece; elk piece (light); assorted dubbing furs (olive, cream, rusty brown); mallard flank; imitation wood duck flank; black floss; black chenille.

- Umpqua's BEGINNER'S FLY TYING KIT This kit gives you everything you need to get started and end up with something to attach to the end of your tippet. No need to shop around, one box includes: fly tying vise, bobbin, hackle pliers, scissors, sample flies, assorted hooks, head cement, tinsel, floss, tying thread, assorted chenille, peacock, Metz® dry fly hackle, assorted marabou, mallard flank feathers, deer body hair, strung saddle hackle, assorted dubbing, calf hair, turkey quill, bucktail pieces and a fly tying instruction book. Get ready to bug out. Complete fly tying set up Includes tying instructions and sample flies Satisfaction guaranteed by Umpqua.

Which of these two kits would be best? They are both priced at $50. Are there other kits I should consider?
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