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The Boob Tube

Howdy Adrian & Gentlemen,

Greetings from the Steelhead Boards! Ah, boobies - some of my favourite things. I first came across these a few years ago in some British Magazines - Trout Fishing and Salmon and Trout Fishing - interesting books! I found mention of this dastardly fly (lure they called them) that was reputed to be so deadly that it was banned from certain lakes and at the very, very least should never be used in polite company! Needless to say - that got my attention!

The article I read showed the boobs being made from a foam stick, layed at a 90 degree angle to the hook, tied down with figure 8's and the boobies clipped to shape with scissors. I found the foam tubes in my flyshop and the tying was easy. The best thing was that they were in fact deadly! Fished on a Hi-D line with a short leader they slayed on large lake rainbows.

The flies I have attached are an evolution of the boobie concept (maybe a devolution?). They are tied as waking flies for steelhead. The boobs and the deerhair make it unsinkable!

I further adapted the pattern to a tube, the resultant Boob Tube has a couple of advantages over shanked hooks. First, it allows a tremendous gap for the hook - often a problem for deerhair floaters. Secondly, to improve its already considerable waking capabilities, I punctured the underside of the plastic tube with a hot needle and use the hole to thread the leader through from underneath, then out rear of the tube to be tied to the short shank hook. This cocks the fly up and it will wake forever in any type of water!

This is my "go-to" waker for steelhead and tied in a mini version would make a great Elk Hair Boobie. At the very least you don't need to find "little balls' to tie reguglar boobies.
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