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Faith in humanity????

Well, not much faith. Right now, Rochester "political and commercial" interests and Toronto similar interests have come up with a new venture - a "fast ferry" between the two destinations. Now they are commercializing the Rochester "waterfront" area (called Charlotte) and trying to get business and commercial interests interested in that "slum" area along the Genesee "waterfront" for "renovation"(where the river enters into the lake.) Fortunately, the bridge reconstruction of the past year and a half had minimum effect that I could see. Fast Ferry is scheduled to start service this year, unless delayed. This is their idea of "creating job opportunity" and raising the tax base in this "urban renewal" project.

Using taxpayer's money, and state grants, too. I don't know of any legitimate businessmen interested in losing money in this Politicians' Delight, but I am sure no good will come of it, and no one has even talked about "environmental impact" to the prime fishery of the lower Genesee, a great salmon/steelie fishery. By the way, this has major Democratic backing! And the Republicans are aiding and abetting them!

In addition, the Great Lakes are under feasibility study by the Corps of Engineers for "enhancements" to allow use of 1,000 foot ocean-going vessels. (This started under the Clinton Administration) Who knows who will be in charge when the study is completed?) DON'T TRUST ANY POLITICIANS - BOTH PARTIES ARE NOT HELPING US! And don't believe anything they say, either.

So, I think maybe "Divine Intervention" may be the only out!

Just my opinion, as that is what I am observing from the sidelines.

And you wonder why I have "little faith"?

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