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2/7 WSJ article: Hatchery fish vs. Natives

Did anyone happen to read Monday's (2/7)Wall Street Journal article on a battle occurring in Oregon over hatchery policies, specifically at Oregon's Fall Creek?

Gist of the article is as follows: Ronald Yechout, an Oregon banker, was out hunting one day when he came across a group of men netting, then clubbing to death, coho salmon. He was outraged and videotaped them. Turns out they were state employees of the Fall Creek Hatchery and they were killing hatchery-raised coho as part of a program by the Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife to end production of coho at the hatchery.

Yechout is apparently touring the Pacific Northwest showing his video and gaining significant support as the video is fairly graphic (e.g. coho's to 20 lbs being clubbed with aluminum baseball bats). He apparently disagrees w/state biologists and environmentalists that hatchery fish are threatening native stocks and, unwittingly or otherwise, has attracted support of logging, ranching and others who see this as an opportunity to halt the state's push for tighter restrictions on salmon fishing - the argument being that the govt is also to blame for declining salmon stocks, dams, overfishing, agricultural runoff, and urbanization not withstanding.

Apologies for not doing the full article justice (unfortunately the WSJ website is a paysite so I couldn't get the article online). But I'd be interested to read general thoughts on the hatchery vs. native issue. Juro - if I recall correctly, you're originally from the NW. Any additional insights on the imbroglio?

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