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Juro, I hate to say this, but until we get the human population under control, I don't know how to do it, and I DO have a very scientific background and several degrees, and am now retired.

This wasn't "homework", just a statement of facts, presented to the public by biologists I respect in late January of this year. Left alone, and funded fully, they could do a fantastic job, but state budgets, and the economy limit them. (Incidentally, I try to keep in touch with them on a regular basis.)

They will control this to the best of their ability, I am sure.

Now, please take your time to read the next part objectively.

An interesting question to all the environmentalists is this - How many trees did your house cost?

And now another - for your car, for example, couldn't you have combined several of those "trips" this week to save fuel if you just thought about it?

This can be carried on as far as you want to go, ad absurdum.

Not being wise, and recognizing the need to conserve, we have to be realistic and think about it in these terms. I think you can see that we are not approaching the problem and our positions fairly. We can't save it for "us" and say "screw the rest of the people". We have to be realists - there is a limited earth and it is putting up with an expanding human population, and I don't think there is a practical solution in sight.

Hopefully, there will be.

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