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Not Really ....

This study has it's head in the sand!!! There wasn't one word of "invasive exotic" species, and their impact on the "native" as well as "Intentionally introduced" species.

These include Zebra Mussels, Quagga Mussels, New Zealand Mud Snail, Echinogrammus Scud, Round Gobies, to name some. While the full impact of these is unknown at this point in time, research is being performed by the states. I was fortunate enough to attend NYSDEC meeting on the subject. And, they are continuing their studies, with the aid along with federal and college help (e.g. Cornell University). These fisheries biologists and experts deserve our thanks. Following is a summary of the "status" of Lake Ontario:

Populations of native naturally occurring Grammus scuds, the freshwater Mysis shrimp, and the total food web have declined dramatically as these "invasive exotics" population has exploded. Hence,the food web has declined, the forage base has declined, and desired species will decline. The actual cause hasn't been determined exactly at this point in time, but is under extreme scrutiny. The effects of lampreys, of course, has been well documented; at least these can be controlled with minimal effect on other species. (Notice I didn't say "zero" effect.)

Sounds like this publication is just an ecologist's "wet dream" to push an agenda that is doomed to failure, pushed by "his" brand of "selected" scientific facts and history.

My opinion.

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