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Quest Rod & Reel fly fishing combo + assorted flys and tippet 9' 7wt ...great deal

i have a slightly used quest rod and reel combo outfited by L.L.Bean ... was built

to my specifications, so everything is matched up evenly. comes with a full spool of

floating line, used 2 times, cleaned after each use, and a leader adapter(for looped


the rod and reel alone cost me about 140 dollars... but i am also including a small

assortment of flys that are versitile in every condition. there is a popper, many

streamers, a couple salt water lures, a couple minnows, a few dry flys, a nymph, a

wooly bear, and a nymph. also included are two spools of tippet. one is 4lb weight,

the other is 6lb. i also have a small bottle of fly flotant i can ship w/ the


i can get pictures of all of this , but only if i find someone interested. if you

have even the slightest interest please just let me know and i'll take some pictures

and get them uploaded. this is a great high quality rod, and will last a while.

i am asking around 90 dollars plus shipping (i can ship however you wish, and will

round up exact dollar estimate from postoffice)

please e-mail me @, contact me on aim, or reply to this message

if you are interested.
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