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RE:Seasons coming, whats up?

I believe there is a lot more good news in the area of wild and native brookies buried in the snarly spring waters of the region. In fact, I saw a very small brookie finning around in a tiny feeder creek in a marsh in Groton. I recall finding streams along backwoods fire roads up in New Hampshire that were loaded with native brookies - how do we know? The warden told us as he checked our licenses. It was clear he had a personal attachment to these fish.

Along the Swift, Saco and Sugar Rivers in NH you can find the tiniest fry along the shoreline pockets - barely an inch long but brightly marked with parr marks and the characteristic leading edge fin highlights of brookies.

Out west you could find loads of salmon, cuttthroat and steelhead streamborn fry along the shore gravel. Seeing these tiny fry always gave me a profound feeling of relief that the priceless treasure of native species still survives in spite of it all.

I'd like to see the Merrimac brought back to a salmon river. Of course the strain is extinct due to dams, but here is a case where I would be in favor of stocking via VB boxes or fry. Pete MacNeil - what are the chances?

I know John Greenwood up in NH Anadromous and will be talking to him about a article about the legacy of our very own Merrimac. You'd be amazed at the grand salmon river we killed right here in our backyard. His slides and stories are told with the same concern as the warden on the Kancamagus fire road.
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