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Morrisfoam Diver

Hook: Appropriate for target species, here a 4XL size 4
Thread: 3/0, color to match pattern
Tail: Marabou, hackle, zonker, or other material (here, marabou)
Body: Closed cell sheet foam, cut to shape and folded back on itself
Optional: Lead or wire for weight under foam body

This pattern developed by Skip Morris has many variations between colors, tail materials, and weight options. It can be tied without lead or wire to be strictly a topwater slider, or with the addition of some weight to keep it under with a near nuetral bouyancy after the first sharp strip of line. The ventral surface of the fly is best secured with Softex, epoxy, or other adhesive to keep wraps around the underbody of foam secure.

The fly pictured here has no weight, and marabou for a tail. It's strictly a topwater fly.
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