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trolling flies

Nothing like a snowy day to get one browsing in places less frequented.
When it comes to trolling with flies I have little experience, but I one moment springs to mind. It was the first day of the fall trip to Harkers this year. Weather was shaky and we were all still in search mode trying to figure out where the albies might be. All the locals were reporting zippo in the usual places so Roop & I decided to head offshore working our way down the bight. Terrys boat called in a report of some bait & spanish macks in the area so wwe decided to set out a pair of boat rods to troll. Once we got those runnign right I decided it might be wise to drift a big fly down the middle with the 14wt.

Wasn't back there more than 3 minutes when we had a visitor come calling.

I can't say we actually learned anything by this and the success wasn't repeated. Did the lures attract the fish like teasers? Was it just a more natural presentation? (although all the prevailing baits in the water were silversides and we didn't see anything like this 8" long 6/0 pattern) I do see that I'll be trying it again this season for certain to see if I can find a pattern...

BTW I had the 14wt rigged with a 750gr and we were moving at about 3kts so I'd guess that this fly was running about 3-5ft below the surface.

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