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RE:Seasons coming, whats up?

Juro: All set. I took no offense. Imagine my horror at realizing I came off looking like a "Freezer Stuffer". Afterall, I worked damn hard to become an Elite- Flytossing-Conservationist-Entymologist . I had to scramble to prove my CRUDentials.

Funny thing is, moving over to the salt, the GREAT BIG OCEAN, there are similar concerns. Just look at the Striper reg debate. The question is for me is: will I do enough for conservation this year? I hope I can contribute something each year.

Hey Sully, I've seen small beautifully colored fingerling brookies also in Middlessex County. I was convinced they were natives. Question is, does the state dump 3-4" brookies in???? Are we fooled or are there wild trout really out there within miles of the Urban fringe?

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