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RE:Seasons coming, whats up?

You're right Terry, and once again I didn't mean to imply anything about you with my questionable choice of places to make a comment like that.

I fish for hatchery fish like everybody else, maybe not specifically for them but I fish in places where they are.

I guess what I am saying is that aside from all the reality we gotta face I am deeply concerned about what we're doing to native fish the world over. I'm not saying I have the answer but I know hatcheries aren't the solution.

You're right about hatcheries for rivers and ponds where certain species can't thrive on their own. The introduction of gamefish has created more conservationists and sportsmen than any book or commercial. We are far, far beyond the ideals of native fish everywhere but I would vote in favor of protecting native salmonids at all cost. This wouldn't preclude the introduction of hatchery fish into our recreational ponds and streams, it just means that where there is a native strain worth saving or protecting, we choose the integrity of that over stocking.

So forgive me if I misread your post, and hope I've isolated the point I intended to make.
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