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RE:Seasons coming, whats up?

Speaking of native fish if anyone's interested I along with the state's adopt a stream program will be doing some work on the weweantic river in wareham this season. It,s quite a unique river for this area. At it's mouth it drains into Buzzards Bay where there is a small dam, three miles upstream there is another dam. In between the two dams there is a beautifull piece of river about twenty feet wide and made up of pools, riffles, boulders and gravel.This part of the river is undeveloped for the most part and reminds one of a woodland stream up north. The river used to have a native run of salters as did many of the areas rivers. According to the state fisheries folks they never stocked it in the past due to pollution problems and the head of tide dam that has very poor fish passage. Pollution there no longer seems to be a problem and the state is looking into improving the fish passage.The most encouraging part of this is that a fellow has had a trout hatchery on a small branch of the river for about seventy years and he raises Brook trout along with Browns and Rainbows.What we are going to do is put some recording thermometers in there this summer and check the stream flow levels throughout the season to determine if we can get the salters running up there again.If any one from the area is interested in participating please let me know.

Thanks Tim
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