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RE:Seasons coming, whats up? Wild Trout?

Oops, misread me there Juro. Sorry to come off like a meat fisherman(aka: Hatchery Truck Chaser). I was using the stocking program as a benchmark for time. We must be nearing spring if stocking is near. That's all. I've been through the TU brainwashing too.

That clarified: It does bring up a topic. I've always advocated the latest thinking of rebuilding sustainable WILD trout stocks over dumping truckfulls of stockers. But what of the rivers and streams that have no prayer of sustaining wild trout. What of the Ipswich, Shawsheen, etc, etc. These rivers have no hope of ever being clean, cold, and oxygenated enough for evan many holdovers. Is it wrong to stock them? Do we stop stocking them in the face of the bait fishermen who have fishing them for years? And if we do, will these same worm dunkers start putting pressure on the last few wild resources. I abandoned the depressing trout fishing of eastern Ma. years ago. Heck, I evan did a float plane trip into the Allagash Wilderness once to find that area hurting and heavily regulated. I find that guides and fishermen alike tend to paint pristene pictures of bountiful fisheries when the reality is to the contrary. What to do?
I too prefer a clean native stream, but in Urban or Suburban settings? where do you draw the line. For instance I see the Squanacook River as salvageable(convertable). But once you get inside the beltways it becomes dicey. When people stop watering there lawns and dumping phosphates, then we can hope.
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