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RE:Seasons coming, whats up?

Your post reminds me to add leader recipes in our "Vested Knowledge" library. I use the 60/20/20 rule with compounded tapers for longer leaders, and simple three pc. leaders for sinking lines in the surf or winter steelhead leaders.

With every indulgence there is a price and meaning no disrespect to your enthusiasm I feel obligated to mention the downside of the hatchery mentality...

Picture a stream where a few wild brookies are carving out a living after wiggling from the gravel, consuming their yolk sac, and learning to eat the various food items available in the stream. Each individual includes the notion of territory and occupies a niche in this microcosm of survival.

Along comes the truck, pouring thousands of pellet-fed clones whose version of territory is a concrete pool. I'm certain there is a high degree of predation too, since the size / age ratio is so drastic when there are pellets involved. Hatchery trucks like them big and stupid.

Anyway before I get too dark and dreary on the topic, I just wanted to point out that true stewardship of the resource goes beyond what anglers pleasures dictate. I derive more joy from a healthy native stream than a million hatchery sustained fisheries.

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