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RE:Summer Steelhead don't Hit Surface Flies???

Myth debunked once again.

After a brutal day at the office yesterday I thought I would spend a little time on the Deschutes for the evening. By the time everything was I reconsidered the drive and switched gears to one of those SW WA rivers. I only had enough time for one pass through the run in mind. I parked in the lot and a gear angler was talking with a someone at the back of a trunk. I proceeded throught the ritual of wader dance, strung my rod and was off. I said hello to the angler, who began asking questions about my two hander. Not wanting to be a "snob FFer" I stopped and answered his questions and spoke a while. Turned out the guy in the trunk had been FFing and was just speaking to the gear angler. Doug the FF had just taken two 8-10 fish out of the run I was going to fish. It had been rested about an hour, I thought casting practice (I always need practice). I laced on a purple muddler and began the swing. 20 casts in I got a strong pull near the hang down, I didn't see the head just my fly getting sucked down in a swirl. I went back twice with no results. Being a traditionalist, I laced on a smaller darker fly, a size 6 low water black bear. First pass through the water erupted as buck crushed the BB. 10 minutes later I released a 33x 15 1/2 lightly hued hatchery buck. His crimson cheeks blushing slightly from his error in judgment but alive to be caught again.

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