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RE:Attaching leader to flyline - another query...


Thanks to all of you that responded to the question. I will be doing some re-rigging of the spools.

Got the rod building bug again - started putting together a 4wt this afternoon and will be getting a 9' 4wt and the 8 wt backwater blank (Daimondback). Went to the Worcester show this afternoon and got some components at Cote's booth - kind of fired me up.

There were a lot of cool plastic baits available there (I know that isn't the focus here, but....). I was more than a little dissapointed to see all those birds of prey on display. I realize they are probably all birds that have been rehabbed and cannot be re-released into the wild, but c'mon - having your picture taken with them was a little beat IMNSHO. The trout pool is another issue, but I gotta get off line and clean up my rodbuilding mess.

Juro if you read this I will email you tomorrow, thanks Pete...
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