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RE:Attaching leader to flyline - another query...

Many years ago back in Colorado I always used those braided slip on loops until one day I lost a beautiful 20" rainbow when the loop slipped off my flyline. It was my fault of course I should have inspected the connection before going fishing. But that night I went home and cut all of the braided loops off and replaced them with nail knotted amnesia loops.

I have since been using monofilment loops for my connections. For freshwater I use 20lb and for salt I use 25 or 30lb. On another board I volunteered to research the breakage strength of offshore fly lines. After speaking with folks from RIO, Sci-Angler and others. I found out that on the average a fresh water weight fly line's core has a breakage strength of 20 to 25 lbs and the saltwater can be anywhere from 30 to 35lbs. I will post the results tomorrow in the gear forum on this board. So in the future I am going to make sure that my backing and loop connection do not exceed the breakage strength of the fly line. I had never ever considered that I might set up a system where the fly line was the weakest link. I also try and keep the nail knotted loop as short as possible, trying to remove any chance of hinging.

I just got back from spending the day working the BNTC booth at the worcester show. Not a bad show, but I knew I was a little out of place when over the load speaker they said that the next show was going to be " Catching huge bass presented by so and so over at the Hog Trough". They do have a casting pool with very little back casting room. There are some manufactures there. Loomis, St Croix but mostly geared toward conventional fishing techniques. Although the majority of the questions at our booth concerned fly fishing.
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