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Bachelor Weekend!

Wife and kids going with grammy and grandpa for the weekend, I will be ball and chained to the terminal to move the content ahead to Vol 2. I guess I won't bother putting up the wild and crazy bulletin board for now, the content I have piled up and backlogged is more important for this weekend.

! Top-gun fly tier coming to the forum

! New Chronicles article submitted by one of our members, hope we can get it put up over the weekend.

! Tons of outfitters coming onto the forum

! Way cool ideas with resort industry brewing

! Fly swap (SWFF) images scanned for posting

! Blanks for two-handed rods nearly in the mail

! New experts page format and edition (finally)

! FF trivia quiz program with member entered questions (in work)

A weekend is NOT ENOUGH!

I welcome people to pursue their goals of writing, selling flies or any cool stuff they make on Public Market, learning eCommerce, or organizing events like cleanups or claves. If nothing else, this place should be a place where the members pull together to make good things happen for themselves. It's my hope that we can be like a prestigious university - when a member succeeds we succeed; and they will always be to some degree "alumni". I'd like to make this a place people would be proud to have been a member of someday.

On the biz side, this is a full eCommerce-capable site under the covers with shopping cart, SSL, etc. I've got some strategies there but of course like everything else these things will take time. I really like the Mercata buy-down model... the more people jump on a product, the cheaper it gets! Will probably start with really cool stuff that is not the easiest to find, like those drop-in stripping basket cones or some legal polar bear. Maybe we will offer super member discounts on goods where the proceeds support the site's growth and operating costs.

Anyway, it's a hard thing to move forward by myself and anyone who has an interest (self-interest or otherwise) should feel empowered to do something proactive in the forum. Make a proposal.

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