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In my pre-flyfishing days I used to do a lot of night fishing for bass. I primarily used a buzzbait, jitterbug or moss rat, but occasionally a regular spinnerbait or even a slug-go was the lure they wanted. Of course, I'd usually start with the topwater lure because I love the explosive strikes -- just gotta be careful setting the hook! Last year was my first year flyfishing and because of my limited casting skills I didn't do a lot of night fishing. I plan to change that this year and will probably become a night person once again. I'm really looking forward to some night time topwater action on the fly rod!

BTW, the mosquitos are usually the worst right around sunset and for the first hour or so of darkness. After that, most of them seem to have gone to bed (or have already eaten or been eaten) and I've found that if I keep moving and avoid turning on any lights they don't seem to bother me too much. I usually don't even need any insect repellant.

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