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RE:Board Question...

*No not complicated to sign up.
*Edit PRofile is not confusing
*Navigator Menu works well enough. Can't think of what to add.
*I like Member Profiles (although I feel like a ham for blathering on about who I am)
*A "how to" would definately help newcomers, especially the UB code stuff
*Biggest request: thin out the chafe to concentrate discussions until traffic increases.
*We didn't get enough time in with the other board software but I liked this one better at the time.

Observation: I've noticed board traffic drop off on all boards lately. RT has 3 running, all active. Jay's is still active too. I see a general wash out happening and fear another version here will dilute us evan further. I have recently come to learn for myself, that I like one "comfortable" board rather than one with the Most/Best information/traffic. I guess I don't want all the info and tips at once. I want to learn slowly and develop good habits, traditions, and friendships. So hanging around this one board, and going to a few UFT meetings, and emailing some friends cuts it for me this winter. It's hard to describe but there is something weird about having all the knowledge available to catch let's say stripers, and none of the dues paid on the water. I'll take a little knowledge at a time thanks. And the other stuff that's better here; the stories, the graphics, the spirit, makes this the best place for me.
Just my 2 cents and hope it somehow helps.
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