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Will done good!

Wow - he really did a great job! I couldn't get over him, grinning from ear to ear, giving a double "thumbs up"! Tell him personally for me that he really is a good fisherman, just like his Dad.

I hope you made some video copies for his grandparents, and also for him to keep his memories alive for the future!

That brings back memories of me with my three year old son, Mike, on opening day many years ago - a snowy day, and he even had to go to the bathroom - had to undress him in the snow so he could go! It was a cold, icy day, too - but he didn't complain. Of course, he had to use a spinning rod at that tender age. And when his big rainbow hit, I let him play it himself . All the other fishermen yelled "Hey - he's got a big one! Take the rod away from the kid and land it." Yeah, of course I let him play and land it himself, offering words of encouragement. Somewhere around here, I still have a snapshot of that big occasion, and, though almost thirty years ago, he still talks about it!


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