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RE:Summer Steelhead don't Hit Surface Flies???

What a beautiful fish!
Would agree on temps and 50 degrees does seem like the point where fish will come to the surface. What I need to do this year is notice hatch activity below 50 degrees and above. Last October when the Rhonde dropped below 50, about 46 dergrees not much if any surface action, did not notice to much insect activity. But in the same time frame the Snake at 54 and plenty of hatches and rising chinook smolts, plus lots of trash fish rising and action was hot. So maybe the temp is one of the ingrediants that stimulates hatches and make smolts feed on the surface. Are there many hatches on the great floating line rivers of BC? I remember when I lived in the interior of Yellowstone Park the Firehole R. in the middle of winter, 30 below out and size 20 blue wing olive duns floating down river. Water temp 55 degrees at muleshoe bend because of thermal activity.
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