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My ears were burning . . .

The steelies are spreadout from April through to June with trickles starting in March. The Saugeen is a very large watershed and it's quite shallow through most of the system. The river has a few spots that will concentrate fish but al lot of it, while not featureless, would certainly be difficult fishing, especially for the nympher. The stretches from Dennys Dam up to Walkerton are best done by drift boat trip or canoe. John Valk has a drift boat service if you want to use one. The upper section is best fished either with a single hander or with spey-nymph set up. It averages about 50' to 100' wide, sometimes a bit more but as it's so easily waded, there isn't the need for a lot long casts.

Below Dennys Dam, the river has more the appearance of a big, brawling PNW river as it cuts its way through a large gorge out to Lake Huron. This section gets a lot of pressure from the abutments down about 500 yards but after that, things definitely thin out.

Most anglers use the Canadian float rod system and they need the same type of water as a nympher to be really effective. The water well below the dam area is flatter and broader, ideal swing water, so it sees less float rodders. The centre of the river is unreachable by the float rodders but spey fishers should be able to reach most of it. It gives us the opportunity to reach fish that haven't been pounded with roe bags. There is about a mile or so of excellent swing water that hardly sees a single angler so if you don't mind the walk . . .

I'll post a few pics in a little while.
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