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RE:Something for the kids

Hi Juro,
Here is another thought re Kids
Whenever I get to teach casting to adults, I offer the parent a casting session with the kid(s). Too many times I have seen a well intentioned Dad try to teach his/her kid only to frustrate both.
Partly because of the "parent" thing on both sides. It's been my experience that both learn better when a third party is involved. For the kid, it's a bit of a way to establish their identity separate from the parent and for the parent it is often a way to learn more about casting and also learn how to accept that many times the kid catches on faster than the parent. This tends to help the parent help the kid how to learn and helps the parent become more of a buddy than a teacher.
So next time anyone wants to do something for the kids, maybe an extra hour showing the kids how to cast, WHILE THE PARENTS SIT BACK AN ONLY WATCH, may help advance the sports and create the seeds for many great memories to come.
Maybe a "Kid's Clave" on basic casting, sans Parent direct involvement, on a pond full of cooperative fishies !
Let's also remember our own beginnings, fishing when we were 12 meant catching, not the art of casting......
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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