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Originally posted by DFix
If I wuz gonna do somethin' different to that, I'd take those barred tailings and move them forward, behind the shoulder, and let them trail so they finished about 1/2-3/4" behind the bend, add a few peacock herl as a topping the length, lose a little of the beard and blend some more orange floss in with the red or find some orange hair or marabou into the belly.

You copied the top version - what's the wing?
I think I will trim the beard. On the original, the deer hair collar is only on the upper half of the fly and the head is trimmed very short on the bottom. By "wing", are you referring to the short curved feathers that are about half the length of the fly or the feathers that run the length of the fly? The short feathers are actually tied onto the sides and shoulder of the fly, just behind the head (2 feathers on each side, one slightly higher than the other). I'm not sure what kind of feathers they are, but they are wider, stiffer and have a rounder tip than the ones I used. I also used only one feather on each side instead of two. The wing/tail is a pair of olive grizzly hackles tied Matuka style. The original is so mangled that it's difficult to see that the wing and tail are both made from the same pair of feathers. The hackles on the original are wider and rounder than the hackles I used, and I considered trimming the tips of my hackles but I don't think that would look right. I didn't think about adding a peacock herl topping because the original didn't have it. Good idea though. Maybe I'll tie one like that and see how it comes out.

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