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Red face Warmwater Fly Swap: almost done

Mark, and other warmwater swap participants:

I'm going to be a day or two late with my swap entries because I changed flies mid-stream, so to speak. I wasn't satisfied with the quality of my deer hair poppers so I decided to tie something else instead. This fly also uses spun deer hair, but not for the entire fly and the hair doesn't need to be packed quite so tightly because the fly isn't supposed to float. I also think it's a much "prettier" fly than the solid white popper !

I'm not quite sure what to call it -- it's some sort of a Matuka/sculpin/muddler pattern in yellow perch colors. I "reverse-engineered" a fly that I found, which turned out to be a killer for panfish, bass and pickerel. I actually stopped using the original because it was getting so torn up that I was afraid I'd have nothing left to copy! I don't have all of the correct materials so I've had to improvise a little, but I think the result will produce as well as the original. Photos and recipe to follow!


BTW, if any swappers would rather have a crudely tied white deer hair popper just let me know and I'll be happy to send one of those instead.
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