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RE:$6.00 Fly

I have shown several of my bb users on my website how to tie my "Buffy" series of Yak flies....Im willing to hold a small get together to spred the gospel for those who may be interested.
Also. I use two types of Yak hair...The first is marketed by several outfits, noticebaly Spirit River. The hair is great for 9-12 inch patterns but I find it too coarse to do 5-7 inch patterns. For these I use Yak that I bought from the midwest a few years back tht is not commercially available to my knowledge. It has a fine silky feel and has super translucency. Combined with the correct flash makes these flies killer in the outer surf.
I have also experiemented using Kinky Fiber. Im very impressed at the outcome and will use it alot this coming season for a good majority of my flies. Not sure if this will work but here is a Buffy tied with Kinky Fiber....enjoy....Jeff
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