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Saugeen Steelhead this Spring

I was thinking about visiting the Saugeen this spring for steelhead. I know that the river is very large and the runs can extend into May, but was wondering what time frame fishes the best.

Typically in the Great Lakes, we will have more than one run of steelhead, with fish moving up after a large rain and staging throughout the system. On the Saugeen, do you get alot of staging fish that stay in the river long and stale or do you guys get alot more fish that spawn and then go back to the lake. I would think since the river is so large, you would attract more fish ealier and will utalize the river to stage as they await the spawn. I would also think that dropbacks are common. Again, I do not know the fishery and what to expect just looking for options.

I heard that the river is somewhat shallow, and hard to break apart, is this true? I know I should be fine with a spey, I will probaly bring along a 12'6" 7wt and maybe the 9wt if I am going to use tips and heads.

Please offer some assistance
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