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RE:$6.00 Fly

Yes, Concord Outfitters. It's an Orvis fly of course. Andy is a nice guy over there. I was a bit gun-shy on mentioning shop names, because of other controversies on other sites.
Glad we won't be too caught up in such things here, within reason of course.It's not my number one shop but when I need some thread or feathers midweek, there it is.

On the Yak Fly: I tried one last night. Very interesting. Upon close examination, the body was not what I expected. Some type of material like Chaneele or something with the Yak hair tied in shooting vertically out of it. SO I used what I had on hand. I will scan it tonight. Maybe at the Clave we can figure out a body method. It really is a nice class of flies.

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