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Talking Tuna Trolling Fly

Here I go again. I saw the fly swap posted here from another board which I didn't want to get involved. There is not much posting under Bluewater. The reason I think, is because of the cost. I know it does effect me. I do not get much chance to go bluewater, but when I have I have always had a good time. Most of the trips I go on are when everything goes, flyfishing, or that other kind, what is it called terminal gear. I have managed though to get a fly in the water trolling. Years ago I noticed that tuna, yellowfins will hit the lures that are really throwing water behind a boat, and actually come right up to very close to the stern. I got fooling around with the fly pattern that I am posting. It is kind of like the parakeet fly, except it is made out of yarn, and very difficult to tie, but believe me it does work. Almost everytime I have gone I have had yellowfin on. How do I know there were yellowfin? because guys alongside using terminal gear landed some of them. I didn't, reason being fishing too light, 10 weight, and dirrect drive,usually ending in busted knuckles, boy! can those fish fight. I am looking forward to this year with a 15 weight rod, and a 12 weight anti-reverse reel. I am going to try from time to time to make this bluewater thread more interesting.
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